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 Does Allah have eyes?

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Does Allah have eyes? Empty
InläggRubrik: Does Allah have eyes?   Does Allah have eyes? Emptyons nov 26, 2008 9:20 am

From: MSN NicknameK_Nadia (Original Message) Sent: 5/3/2007 9:55 AM

Does Allah have eyes?

A Question posed to

Umm ‘Abdillah al-Waadee’yah (hafithahallah)

Taken from the Q&A section of her book:

Naseehatee li-Nisaai qadhaayaa tahummul-maraa fataawaa li-Nisaai

(My Advise to the Women: Issues concerning women & Islaamic rulings for women.)


Translated by

Aboo ‘Imraan al-Mekseekee

Question: Does Allah-Glorified is He Most High-have eyes?

Answer: All the praise is for Allah, may the peace & blessings be upon the

messenger of Allah, as for what follows: Allah, Mighty & Majestic said to His

Prophet Nuh-peace be upon him: “Build the ark under Our Eyes and under Our Revelation.” Soorah al-Mu’minoon: 27

And He said: “It (the ark of Nuh) sailed under Our Eyes.” Soorah al-Qamar: 14

And addressing Musaa-peace be upon him-He said: “And I endued you with love from Me, in order that you may be brought up under My Eye.” Soorah TaHa: 39 And He said to His Prophet, Muhammad-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him-: “Be patient with the ruling of your Lord, verily you are under Our Eyes.” Soorah at-Toor: 47 Imaam Aboo Daawud-may Allah have mercy upon him-said in his chapter regarding the Sunnah found in his Sunan (6452) Its chain of transmission being conveyed by Saleem bin Jubair who said: I heard Aboo Hurayrah reciting this verse: “Allah has ordered you all to render back the trusts to those to whom they are due...” to the end of the verse “All-Hearer All-Seer”. Soorah an-Nisaa: 58 He then said: I saw the Messenger of Allah-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him-place his thumb to his ear then he pointed to his eye. Aboo Hurayrah said: I saw the Messenger of Allah-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him-recite this verse and then gestured with his two fingers.

Muhammad bin Yunoos said: The reader of the narration-‘Abdullah bin Yazeedmeans that Allah is All-Hearing and All-Seeing which indicates that Allah hears and sees.

Aboo Daawud said: This is a refutation upon the Jahmeeyah. Al-Haafith said in al-Fath al-Baree (13/373): its chain of transmission is strengthened based upon the criteria of Imaam Muslim. Al-Bayhaqee said in al-Asmaau was-Sifaat: I (al-Bayhaqee) say: What is intended by this visual gesture in this particular narration is an affirmation of the attributes of Allah’s-Mighty & Majestic-hearing and seeing. So he-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him-pointed to these two locations (of hearing and seeing) for us so that the attribute of hearing and sight to Allah-Most High could be established. And Imaam al-Bukhaaree said (90/2): We were informed by ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin ‘Abdillah who said: We were informed by Ibraaheem from Saalih from Ibn Shihab from Saalih bin ‘Abdillah that Ibn ‘Umar-may Allah be pleased with them both-said: The Messenger of Allah-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him-stood up amongst the people and praised and glorified Allah as He deserved then he mentioned the Dajjal (the Anti-Christ) saying: “Verily I warn all of you from him, there was not a prophet who was sent except that he warned his people from him, but I bring something to you about him that was not mentioned by the other Prophets to their people: He is one-eyed while Allah is not one-eyed.” And he (Imaam al-Bukhaaree)-may Allah have mercy upon him-said: “We were informed by Sulaymaan bin Harb who said: We were informed by Shu’bah from Qatadah from Anas who said: The Prophet-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him-said: “There was not a prophet sent except that he warned his people of the one-eyed liar and he is one-eyed, between his two eyes is the word Kaafir (a word meaning one who disbelieves in Islaam and in the prophet-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him.).”

And in the Saheeh of Imaam Muslim from the narration of Aboo Hurayrah-may Allah be pleased with him said, that he-may the peace & blessings of Allah be upon him-said: “Allah does not look towards your bodies or your forms rather He looks towards your hearts and actions.” And these evidences establish that Allah has sight and that He sees, we believe in it without tahreef (to change a text in word or meaning), nor ta’teel (to deny the names and attributes of Allah), tashbeeh (to make something similar to Allah) or tamtheel (the belief that something is equal to Allah).

Umm Yamaan
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Does Allah have eyes?
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