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ummUthaymeen As-Somaliyah

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Från: Umm_Amatillaah (Ursprungligt meddelande) Skickat: 2007-09-05 17:16
Topic: Moving the lips while reciting the Koran

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Abu Qayla Rasheed bin Estes Barbee (Durham, NC)

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In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Brothers and sisters the following is extremely important for the one who would like to receive the reward for reciting the Koran during the month of Ramadan, or for the one who would like to receive the benefits for reading the morning and evening supplications, rather this is a must for every Muslim who would like for their five daily prayers to be accepted.

The following is a summary translation taken from various sources

Moving the lips while praying, making supplications, and reading the Koran by Sheik Muhammad Bazmool

Sheik Muhammad Bazmool said in his explanation of ‘The Prophet’s prayer described’ peace and blessings are upon him; by Sheik Albani may Allah have mercy upon him; in the section ‘Reading aloud and silently in the five daily prayers and other than that’ after mentioning that the guidelines in reciting silently is that the tongue is moved.

The second affair: If we know the guidelines for reading aloud and silently, we say: What some of the people do, standing in prayer with their lips closed not moving their tongue until they finish the prayer; they do not move their tongue while reading during the standing which is for reading, and they don’t move their tongue during the supplications not in rukoo nor when raising from rukoo, and they don’t move their tongues in sujud nor when raising from sujud, nor do they move their tongues while sitting for the tashahhud; so I say to them, your prayer is invalid! This is because a pillar of the prayer was not fulfilled, and the pillar that was not fulfilled is reading the Al Fatiha, and because they left off all of the obligations in all of the pillars, because they are not reading in the prayer.

Therefore it is a must when you read that you move your tongue and according to some of the Scholars of fiqh it is a must that you move your tongue and that you hear yourself read.

And this is an important principle: Many of the people come and they say, ‘We always read the morning and evening supplications and we seek refuge in Allah, but despite doing this, we are still affected by such and such and such and such still occurs.

We say, the morning and evening supplications should be read like you read aloud and silently (in the prayer); so if you say them silently it is a must that you move your tongue, there is no benefit in just moving your eyes across the lines (of the dua book, for example) and then you say, ‘I’m reading’…reading silently. This is not called reading and this is not called speech in the Arabic language.

Reading and speech in the Arabic language requires that the tongue is moved.

And with this, as you know it comes in the hadith that the Sahaba may Allah be pleased with them, used to know that the Prophet, peace and blessing are upon him was reading by the moving of his beard. And this is from the proof that the Messenger (prayer and peace are upon him) used to move his tongue and his lips even when he was reading silently.

ãä ÇáÔÑíØ ÇáÚÇÔÑ ãä ÓáÓáÉ ÏÑæÓ " ÔÑÍ ÕÝÉ ÇáÕáÇÉ ááÃáÈÇäí " ¡ ãä ÇáÏÞíÞÉ : 4:03

Q: Some of the people take the Mushaf and look in it without moving their lips, is the one who does this considered to be “reading” the Koran, or is a must that he pronounce the words and must it be audible in order to receive the reward for reading the Koran? And will the person be rewarded by (only) looking into the Mushaf? Please benefit us, may ALLAH reward you.

A: (Sheik bin Baz) There is nothing wrong with looking into the Koran to reflect upon it and to contemplate and understand the meanings, but this person is not considered to be reading the Koran and he will not receive the virtue of reading the Koran unless he pronounces the (words of) Koran; even if those around him do not hear him. This is based on the statement of the Prophet peace and blessings are upon him, ‘Read the Koran because verily it will come on the Day of Judgment as an intercessor for its companion’. (Narrated by Muslim) And what the Prophet peace and blessings are upon him intended by “its companions” was those who work by it, as comes in other hadith. And he, peace and blessings are upon him said, ‘Whoever reads a letter from the Koran then he will have a good deed, up to ten times’. (From Timirdee and Ad-Daarami with a good chain) And the person is not considered to be reading the Koran unless he pronounces the words, as the people of knowledge have stated; and with Allah lies success.
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