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 Manners of (female) students

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ummUthaymeen As-Somaliyah

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Manners of (female) students Empty
InläggRubrik: Manners of (female) students   Manners of (female) students Emptytor nov 27, 2008 5:35 am

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Assalaamu alaikum.

The following is a brief advice for sisters in general, on the manners of sitting in the lesson with the Shaykha, as we fall short in many simple areas.

And the Shaykha advised us in B'ham aswell as London to advise one another for the Sake of Allaah, as when we do this we cleanse one another and hope for our brothers/sisters in Islaam to enter Jannah. And we do it due to loving one another for the Sake of Allah.

Therefore the following are a few points i wanted to mention:

1. The student of knowledge should eat and drink before attending the lesson. So in the lesson they are ready with their pen and paper and attentively making notes to what is being taught. As with drinks especially there is always the danger of them spilling upon either your own notes or somebody elses, which either way is not beneficial.

And any hardship one may face in seeking knowledge, from coping with heat or travel etc., then patience upon this will only increase our reward with Allaah (subhaana wa ta'aalaa), inshaAllah.

2. Mothers should try to arrange for someone to take care of their smaller children whilst they attend the duroos, however if this is not possible, then to try their best to see to it that the children do not disrupt the lesson.

As if the child cries or has tantrums due to heat, tiredness, illness, hunger etc. which is understandable, then the mother should attend to her child away from where the Shaykha is talking, as the child not only makes it difficult for the mother to listen, but other sisters who may be taking notes also.

Not to mention that it can disrupt the flow of what the Shaykha is teaching and distract her also. And it shows the height of the Shaykha's good manners in the patience which she has shown during the lesson when small children have been brought and disrupted the lesson, despite mothers being requested not to do so.

As the Shaykha herself usually arranges for her children to be taken care of whilst she comes out and teaches the sisters. And she has advised the sisters to arrange this with their husbands (taking in turns to look after the children whilst seeking knowledge)during one of her lectures in B'ham also.

3. All mobile phones should be switched off before the dars begins, and this is something that should be well established and well known, yet we still fall short in it often.

4. Whilst the sister is asking the Shaykha for clarification regarding a particular word, we should not call out words which we think may be correct, rather we should put up our hands then wait patiently till asked to speak, or wait patiently for the translator to speak. As the translator will always check with the Shaykh to make sure that they understand the word correctly before translating it. As people who study arabic should be aware, that one arabic word can have many different meanings in arabic.

5. At the end of the dars then sisters should not rush the Shaykha with queries for personal details or questions. Rather a clear way should be made for her to leave as she is not only a teacher but a mother and wife also and has many other responsibilites to attend to. And this is not good manners on our part if we keep her and crowd her as she clearly shows that she is waiting to leave.

As mashaAllah what has been noticed from the Shaykha is that she is very particular with regards to her time. As mashaAllah not only does she begin the dars on time but ends it on time also and checks the time often.

And whilst in this country, she is a traveller also, so no doubt after teaching for 2 or more hours, she will be tired and in need of rest.

So let us not think of our convenience but rather to hers, and make it easy for her to go about her duties and responsibilities, during and after the lessons.

If anybody can think of any other benefit to add to this then please do so. And i hope that in the future we will be able to observe these mannerisms better. As the good manners of the student will only help them in their seeking of knowledge aswell as gaining the respect and love of the teacher, so that they want to come and teach and benefit us again and again, inshaAllah.

Wassalaamu alaikum

Umm Mariam

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Manners of (female) students
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