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 the importance of Acting upon knowledge

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ummUthaymeen As-Somaliyah

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the importance of Acting upon knowledge Empty
InläggRubrik: the importance of Acting upon knowledge   the importance of Acting upon knowledge Emptytor nov 27, 2008 5:25 am

Från: Farihah-فريحه (Ursprungligt meddelande) Skickat: 2005-05-28 14:31
The Importance of Acting Upon Knowledge

Extracts from a tape by Shaykh Abdullah Al-Bukhari

translated by Abu Saifillah Abdul Qadir

All praise is for Allah. May his peace and blessings be upon Mohammed (saw).

Ibn Habaan narrates from Abu Haatim in his book, saying:

"We use to take aid for memorisation of hadeeth by acting upon it…"

So if they wanted to memorise and be firm upon knowledge they would act upon the knowledge and if they wanted to increase in their knowledge they would fast.

Imam bin abi Shuayba mentioned:

"If you see a person in acts of obedience then know these actions have sisters, and if you see a person in acts of disobedience then know these actions have sisters also."

Because all actions guide to other actions.

Verily if Allah wants good for a person he closes the door of argumentation for him and opens the door of actions.

And if Allah wants bad for a person he closes the door of actions and opens the door of argumentation.

"Call to the way of your lord with wisdom, and a good reminder and argue with them in the best manner."

Wisdom – here means the Qur’an and the Sunnah

Reminder – here means reminder of obligations and prohibitions

Argumentation - is to be done (bilati heya ahsan) and that is from one of the levels of dawa. As Allah swt said

Ibnu abaadees said:

"The first spreading of knowledge that was done by the salaf was acting by it. This acting by their knowledge was giving dawa. The books and teachings of the Salaf did not have a greater effect in dawa than their actions. People followed them because of their actions."

For example Al Mazi said

"There was an example like Hammad ibnu Salama a thahabi mentioned he was one of the great scholars…. And if it were said to Hammaad you are going to die tomorrow he would not have been able to increase in his good deeds."

So he would not be able to study more, or teach, or night prayer, jihad, fasting etc, etc

Another example of Abdullah ibnu Mubaarak the muhadith, alim, and mujaahid …Ibn Hajar Al Askalaani said about him in his biography.

"All aspects of good were combined in this person and he was a noble man.

Abu Dawood said about him he was of the scholars that acted by what they knew."

And from contemporary examples ibn Baaz

He use to act upon every Sunnah small or big whatever it may be he held it in high esteem.

" Verily Allah loves the one who when he eats or drinks he praises Allah."

So Ibn Baaz use to before placing each morsel of food in his mouth he would say Alhamdu lililaah..

And the prophet (saw) use to travel on Thursdays… Ibn Baaz never travelled except on Thursdays in order to act upon this Sunnah until Allah swt took his soul on a Thursday and he departed from this world.

Just as in the hadeeth narrated by Al Haakim.

"If Allah loves a person (assalahu) meaning guides him to a righteous action he loves doing and causes him to die upon that."

Based upon another hadeeth….

" Whoever dies upon an action will be raised upon it…"

And the action is the zakaat, which is due from knowledge.

The Salaf used to say:

"We call upon Allah in every dire situation

Then we forget him when he gives us relief

How can we expect our du'aa to be answered?

Whilst we tread this path of sin"

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the importance of Acting upon knowledge
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