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 Prayer upon entering your home!

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ummUthaymeen As-Somaliyah

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Prayer upon entering your home! Empty
InläggRubrik: Prayer upon entering your home!   Prayer upon entering your home! Emptyons nov 26, 2008 1:24 pm

Från: Umm_Amatillaah (Ursprungligt meddelande) Skickat: 2006-03-21 04:12
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Topic: Prayer Upon Entering Your Home!

DarulHadeethHarlem 03-18-2006 @ 3:54 AM Notify Admin about this post

Markaz Imam Bin Baz unspecified (Harlem, New York)

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We recently read a great benefit in a book authored by Sh. Mohammed Bazmoul (hifithaullah). The work is titled: Bugyatul Mutatawwi' fee Salatil Tatawwi'. This book informs of authentic voluntary prayers established in Islam. From amongst the prayers mentioned, is praying upon entering your home and exiting from it.

The author states (pg.92 dar Imam Ahmad print):

It is legislated for a Muslim to pray two units (rak'atan) of prayer upon entering the home and when exiting from it.

On the authority of Abee Huraira (radiyAllahu anhu), who said that the Messenger (sallahu alahee wa salum) mentioned:

If you enter into your home, pray two rakats. This will prevent you from having an evil entrance. Likewise, upon leaving your home, pray two rakats. This will prevent you from having an evil exit.

The author continues to state:

The hadeeth is recorded by Al Bazzar.

The author mentions in a footnote, that this narration is hasan (good). He informed that Ibn Hajar held this position and Al Albani mentioned the narration in his Silsilah Saheeha #1323, declaring it to have a good isnad.

Mustafa G.
United Arab Emirates

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Prayer upon entering your home!
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