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 Fataawaa om kvinnans klädsel

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UmmDaawood al-Jabartiyyah
UmmDaawood al-Jabartiyyah

Antal inlägg : 147
Ort : al-Madinah an-Nabawiyyah
Registration date : 08-11-20

Fataawaa om kvinnans klädsel Empty
InläggRubrik: Fataawaa om kvinnans klädsel   Fataawaa om kvinnans klädsel Emptyons nov 26, 2008 12:26 pm

Från: Umm-Aicha (Ursprungligt meddelande) Skickat: 2005-01-14 04:06
WOMEN'S ISSUES \ Beautification \ Clothing

There are currently 3 fataawa in this category

Wearing tight-fitting trousers

Ruling concerning high-heeled shoes

Short dresses for young children
WOMEN'S ISSUES \ Hijaab and Adornment

There are currently 15 fataawa in this category

Looking at the opposite sex on television

Dressing young girls in trousers

Shaking hands with female relatives...

Ruling concerning a woman uncovering her face in front of her husband's relatives and a boy sleeping with his mother or sister

It is not allowed for a woman to shake the hand of a non-mahram man

Ruling concerning ridiculing a woman who wears the proper hijaab and covers her face

The hijaab of a young girl

The hijaab of an elderly woman

The hijaab of a female servant

Ruling concerning wearing hijaab in the presence of the son-in-law

A Muslim woman uncovering her hair in front of non-Muslim women

Fear and obey Allaah as much as you are able

The Islaamic hijaab

Removing the head covering

The Muslim women of that land must not obey its rulers


as salam alaykom wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakato
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Fataawaa om kvinnans klädsel
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