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 Do not put your Children in the Schools of the Kuffar!

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Umm Muslimah As-Somaliyah
Umm Muslimah As-Somaliyah

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Do not put your Children in the Schools of the Kuffar! Empty
InläggRubrik: Do not put your Children in the Schools of the Kuffar!   Do not put your Children in the Schools of the Kuffar! Emptyons nov 26, 2008 10:07 am

Från: MSN-smeknamnUmm-Aicha (Ursprungligt meddelande) Skickat: 2004-04-24 23:02
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A Firm Reminder - Do not put your Children in the Schools of the Kuffar!

http://www.troid.org/audio/speakers/assalafee/school.mp3 Excerpted from 'Advice to the Muslimaat' by Aboo Khadeejah
2:00 Mins. Click here to Play

Bismillaah, wal-hamdulillaah, was-salaatu was-salaamu 'alaa rasoolillaah, wa ba'd,

An excerpt from the recently uploaded lecture entitled, 'Advice to the Muslimaat' by Aboo Khadeejah. Our brother reminds us of the detriment of allowing our children to attend the schools of the kuffar and the schools the Muslims containing Bid'ah Mukaffirah (the Innovation that is Kufr).

An admonition concerning those Parents who send their children to the schools of the non-Muslims. The ‘suicide’ contained in such a decision, as our children will be affected by those whom they accompany, and if it is not permitted to accompany ‘ahlul-bidah’ and disliked to allow our children to accompany the foolish children from amongst the Muslims [1], then what more for allowing our children to accompany children raised upon kufr, shrik, shahawaat, shubuhaat and the vile characteristics of Western society?

An encouragement to home-school our children if no other possibilities arise, let us save our future, our off-spring, let us not leave them to be spoon-fed baatil on on daily basis. Just as we take great caution to protect them from the cold, and such great effort to feed them good healthy foods, how then do we leave the most important affair, leaving the nurturing of their soul to the hands of those whom Allaah has said about them,

And surely, We have created many of the jinns and mankind for Hell. They have hearts wherewith they understand not, they have eyes wherewith they see not, and they have ears wherewith they hear not (the truth). They are like cattle, nay even more astray; those! They are the heedless ones. [Sooratul-A'raf, 7:179]

We find many from amongst ahlus-sunnah who still send their children to these schools, and we pray that this excerpt will be a clear reminder of the harms of these schools, institutes of education at the hands of the people of kufr and corruption. It is only out of clear concern, concern for our shabaab that we exemplify this point. For all the good manners, good conduct, the du'aa, the tasleem and the bright faces instilled at the pre-school age will be replaced with rudeness, materialism, lack of awareness of Allaah and worst of all, these children will meet with the other salafee children who are home-schooled at the classes and other social events and without a doubt, one group will overcome the other, and we pray that those who pick up all the bad habits and harm from the kuffar schools do not overcome those who have been cultivated solely upon the Sunnah. Ya Ahlus-Sunnah, take heed!

O you who believe! Ward off from yourselves and your families a Fire (Hell) whose fuel is men and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who disobey not, (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allaah, but do that which they are commanded. [Suratut-Tahrim: 66:6]


[1] Point 18. 'Do not leave your children to mix with foolish children.' Naseehatee lin-Nisaa’ (My Advice to the Women) - From 'Advice for Education the Muslim Children; narrated by Aboo 'Abdullaah Hasan as-Sumaalee. http://www.troid.org/audio/sisters/children/educating.htm

©Copyright troid.org 1998-2004 All Rights Reserved.

As salam alaykom wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakato

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Do not put your Children in the Schools of the Kuffar!
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