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 some of the sahabah whom was guraranted paradise -

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Noor al hoda

Noor al hoda

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some of the sahabah whom was guraranted paradise - Empty
InläggRubrik: some of the sahabah whom was guraranted paradise -   some of the sahabah whom was guraranted paradise - Emptytis dec 02, 2008 7:06 am

Umm-aichaah (Ursprungligt meddelande) Skickat: 2008-05-04 21:47
1. " He is the Amirul mumineen, 'alee ibn Taluib ibn Abdul muttalib ibn Hashim, Al-haashimee, The nephew of the messenger and the husnabd of his duaghter, from among those foremost in the faith, It is likely that he was the first one to accept Idlam. He was one of the ten given the glad tidings of paradise. He died in the month od ramadam or the year 40H and he was, in the opinion of the people of knowledge, the best of those alive amongst the children of Adam at that time, by the consensus of Ahlus Sunnah. he was six three years of age, as mentioned in At-Taqreeb,2/39"

2."He is az-Zubair ibn Al.'Awwaam ibn Khuwalid ibn Asad ibn Abdul-'uzza ibn Qusai ibn Qilaab Aboo 'Abdillaah Al-Qurashee Al-Asadee, One of the ten promised to receive paradise. He was killed in the year 36H on the day of the camel. See At-taaqreeb1/259"

3."He is Talhah ibn 'Ubaidullah ibn 'Uthmaan ibn 'Amr ibn Ka'b ibn sa'd Tameem ibn Marrah at-Taimee, Abo muhammad Al-Madanee, one of the ten promised to receive paradise. he was martyred on the day of camel in the year 36H at the age of 63. see At-taaqreeb 1/379 "

4."He is 'Abdur Rahman ibn 'Awf ibn 'Abd-'Awf ibn 'abdul-haarith ibn Zahrah Al.gureshee Az-zuhree. of the ten promised to receive paradise oche one of the earilest in islam. He die in the year 32H and is has been said than this. See At-taaqreeb. 1/494"

5."He is the noble companion, Sa'd ibn Abee Waqqas ibn Malik ibn Wuhaib ibn 'Abd-manaf ibn Zahrah ibn Qilaab az-Zuhree, Aboo Ishaaq,of the ten promised to receive paradise and first one weapon in the path of Allaah. He died at Al-'aqeeq in the year 55H as is well known, and he was the last of the ten who had been guaranted paradise to die. see At-taaqreeb1/290"

6."He is the famous companion, 'Abdillah ibn 'Umar ibn Al-khattaab Al-'Adawee Abo Abdir Rahman. HE was one of the most fervent and strong amgonst the people in following the narrations and was also amongst the companions that were rich and well to do. He die at the end of the year 73H or beginning of the year. See Taqreeb.1/435."

Notes* Jag har skrev skrivit upp dom i mina egna punkter och Allaah 'azza wajal vet mycke bættre. jag åter kommer med resten av våra ælskade sahabah och specifikt dom som blev utlovande paradiset

texten är tagen ifrån booken usool Sunnah by imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal. P.32
umm-uthaaymeen Sameerah bint Ahmed As-Somaliyyah
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some of the sahabah whom was guraranted paradise -
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