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 Faree’aah bint Maalik al-Khudree

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Faree’aah bint Maalik al-Khudree Empty
InläggRubrik: Faree’aah bint Maalik al-Khudree   Faree’aah bint Maalik al-Khudree Emptytis dec 02, 2008 5:50 am

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With the Name of Allaah and All Praise is to Allaah, Lord of Mankind and Jinn and may peace and blessings be upon the unlettered Prophet, his household and Companions.

As for what follows...

Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa baraakatu

Faree’aah bint Maalik al-Khudree

(radiallaahu ‘anhaa)

The Prophet, salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam said:

“ Those who participated in the Pledge of Ridhwaan are the holders of Paradise”

* Faree’aah radiallaahu ‘anhaa participated in the Pledge of Ridhwaan, so she is a lady of Paradise*

She was the daughter of the great Companion, Maalik bin Sinan bin ‘Ubayd Ansaaree al-Khudree radiallaahu ‘anhu. It was about him that the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam said:<o:p></o:p>

“ Whoever wants to see a person of Paradise, then they should look at him”
Her brother was Aboo Sa’eed al-Khudree radiallaahu ‘anhu, the Muftee (scholar) of the Grand Masjid at al-Madeenah. He was an extremely learnt man and an authority on hadeeth. He was also a Mujaheed and General of the Muslim army and had been a ruler of a province. One thousand one hundred and seventy ahadeeth are attributed to him. Another brother from her mother’s side was also a General. He was Qataadaah bin Nu’maan Ansaaree radiallaahu ‘anhu who had taken part in the battles of Badr and Uhud.

On one occasion his eye was injured by the enemy and came out of its socket. When the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam saw this he thrust it back with his hand; it went back to its original position and his vision became sharper than before.

The father of Faree’aah bint Maalik, Maalik bin Siman bin ‘Ubayd Ansaaree al-Khudree radiallaahu ‘anhu was one of the greatest and foremost Companions, and a personality who the Prophet salAllaahi ‘alaihi wa salaam said, was of paradise. He could not take part in the Battle of Badr, but in Uhud he was martyred defending the life of the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam. When he went to the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam to volunteer for the Battle of Uhud he was accompanied by his son, Aboo Sa’eed al-Khudree radiallaahu ‘anhu. He was very young and the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam did not give him permission to go to war. He started to weep and his sister, Faree’aah may Allaah be pleased with her, embraced him affectionately and wiping his tears asked him to be patient and wait for the right time. Aboo Sa’eed radiallaahu ‘anhu grew up to shine in the world of knowledge and learning and occupy the post of Muftee of al-Madeenah.

When Maalik bin Sinan bin ‘Ubayd Ansaaree al-Khudree radiallaahu ‘anhu met the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam he spoke to him in a very eloquent manner and said that they were setting out to test their strength against the disbelievers. They would either triumph by the Grace of Allaah, the Most High, or be martyred. Both likely alternatives were good for a true Muslim, both would bring victory to him. At the time when the fighting was at its most intense, he earnestly adopted the best defensive position to protect the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam. Finally, he lost his life in the way of Allaah the Exalted, fulfilling this most demanding duty. At this critical juncture in the battle the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam was injured in the face and bleeding. Maalik bin Sinan bin ‘Ubayd Ansaaree al-Khudree radiallaahu ‘anhu sucked the blood from the wound. Thus the blood of the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam mingled with his own.

As soon as the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam reached al-Madeenah after the Battle of Uhud he was met by Aboo Sa’eed al-Khudree radiallaahu ‘anhu. He immediately recognized him and asked him if he was Sa’eed bin Maalik. When the latter noticed the encouraging and affectionate tone of the Prophet’s salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam greeting, he drew nearer to him. The Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam consoled him and told him to be brave and patient. He said his father’s martyrdom would earn blessings for him. When he returned home, Aboo Sa’eed radiallaahu ‘anhu gave his sister, Faree’aah bint Maalik radiallaahu ‘anha the news regarding their father and the injunctions of the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam about how to accept the loss. She accepted her father’s martyrdom with equanimity, courage and patience as advised by the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam, taking it as a matter of pride to be addressed by the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam. She expressed happiness that he [Aboo Sa’eed] returned safe and sound.

At the time of her father’s martyrdom there was no means of sustenance in the house for the family. But the children displayed exemplary patience. They practiced patience as advised by the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam and did not ask anyone for aid. They heard him say that a person who is content and trusted in Allaah, is made wealthy by Him; one who wishes to be pure and chaste, Allaah subhanna wa ta’alaa makes him pure; one who restrains himself, is granted patience and fortitude by Allaah subhanna wa ta’alaa. As a result of following the injunctions and teachings of the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam the family became prosperous and wealthy beyond belief.

Far’eeaah bint Maalik radiallaahu ‘anhaa was married to Sahl bin Raf’ee bin Baashir Khazrajee. He was killed by some of his slaves near al-Madeenah. This tragedy left her grief stricken. After the murder of her husband, she wanted to go back to her parents house. She consulted with the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam as to what course of action was permitted in the Share’eeah (Islaamic law) and if she could do so. He salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam said that she should continue to stay in her house until she completed the prescribed waiting period. It should be noted that when a woman’s husband dies she should observe a period of mourning for four months and ten days. Far’eeah bint Maalik may Allaah be pleased with her, obeyed the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam and stayed in her home for the prescribed period and after that devoted her life to the service and propagation of Islaam.

During the Khalifaat of ‘Uthmaan bin ‘Affan radiallaahu ‘anhu a lady’s husband died. The matter of her place of residence during the period of her ‘Iddat (waiting period) came under consideration. Faree’aah bint Maalik may Allaah be pleased with her was summoned to the court of the Khalifah. She was asked what the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam had told her in her case. What she said was accepted in the court and applied to the lady in question.

Faree’aah bint Maalik may Allaah be pleased with her had a very good memory. If she heard the command of the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam even once, she would immediately learn it and retain it in her memory. In their study of traditions and ahadeeth, many great scholars would approach her for authentication or reference. Especially in the matter of observance of ‘Iddat, she has the distinction of being the predominant authority regarding the rules to be observed.

Those learnt in Fiqh in al-Madeenah, Syria, ‘Iraaq and Egypt gave their fataawaa on ‘Iddat based on what she said. Hafidh Ibn al-Qayyim may Allaah have Mercy on him in his famous book Zad al-Mi’aad wrote that the famous interpreter of the Shar’eeah, Muhammad bin Sireen wrote that a woman was sick when her husband died. People moved from her husband’s place to her parents house. When the learnt people of the community came to know of this, they all said she should be moved back to her husbands home. She should pass the days of her ‘Iddat there. So she moved back. This was done based on the life and experience of Faree’aah bint Maalik radiallaahu ‘anhaa.

One thousand four hundred people went to perform ‘Umraah in the 6th year after the Hijraah (migration to Madeenah) and were stopped by the Quraysh at Hudaybiah. They gathered under a tree to swear allegiance to Allaah the High and His Messenger salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam. They also swore to take revenge for the death of their emissary, ‘Uthmaan bin ‘Afaan radiallaahu ‘anhu who was sent by the Prophet salAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam to Makkah to negotiate with the enemy. Rumour had it that he was killed by the Quraysh. The ardour and spirit of sacrifice of these people appealed so much to Allaah the All-Mighty that He promised Paradise to all of them.

It was an honour of which they were truly jubilant and proud. Surely such a promise is given to only the very fortunate, and Faree’aah bint Maakil radiallaahu ‘anhaa was one of them.

Allaah will be pleased with them and they with Him.

Excerpted from:

Great Women of Islaam
By: Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfaar

Revised by: Shaykh Safiur-Rahmaan al-Mubaarakpooree (may Allaah have Mercy on him)

Pgs. 223-228
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Faree’aah bint Maalik al-Khudree
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