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 Four Things You Are Unsafe From

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ummUthaymeen As-Somaliyah

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Four Things You Are Unsafe From Empty
InläggRubrik: Four Things You Are Unsafe From   Four Things You Are Unsafe From Emptylör nov 29, 2008 4:10 pm

Från: Umm_Amatillaah (Ursprungligt meddelande) Skickat: 2007-01-18 07:16
Four Things You Are Unsafe From

Group of Scholars

Reference: Seer A’alaam an Nubalaa” Vol.8 P.406

Category: Sayings of the Salaf

Imaam Ath Thahabi Rahimahullah mentions in his monumental book "Seer A’alaam an Nubalaa” Vol.8 P.406 on the authority of Abdullah Ibn Al Mubaarak Rahimahullah (181H.):

“The people of knowledge and insight do not consider themselves safe from four things:

1) A past sin he committed which he does not know what Allaah will do with it (either forgive and pardon him for it or punish him with it);

2) What is left of his life, whether there is something therein waiting to destroy him;

3) A favor that Allaah bestowed upon him, perhaps it is a plot which will lead him step by step to his eventual destruction and ruin;

4) Deviance which is beautified for him so that he sees it to be guidance and in a split second, his heart can deviate and he will be stripped of his deen and he doesn't even realize it.”

Translator: Shadeed Muhammad, Abu Az-Zubayr

Date Published: Saturday, 13 January 2007

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البصراء لا يأمنون من أربع

مجموع من المشايخ

سير الأعلام النبلاء 8/406

أقوال السلف

قال الأمام الذهبي رحمه الله في كتابه سير الأعلام النبلاء 8/406 عن عبد الله بن المبارك المتوفى 181ها أنه قال: "إن البصراء لا يأمنون من أربع: ذنب قد مضى لا يدري ما يصنع الرب عز وجل, وعمر قد بقى لا يدري ما فيه من الهلكة, وفضل قد أعطى العبد مكرا و استدراجا, و ضلالة قد زينت يراها هدى و زيغ قلب ساعة فقد يسلب المرء دينه ولا يسعر."

أبو الزبير شديد محمد
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Four Things You Are Unsafe From
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