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 The 3 Types of Men" mentioned by Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullaah)

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The 3 Types of Men" mentioned by Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullaah) Empty
InläggRubrik: The 3 Types of Men" mentioned by Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullaah)   The 3 Types of Men" mentioned by Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullaah) Emptylör nov 29, 2008 3:20 pm

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Topic: "The 3 Types of Men" mentioned by Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullaah)

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ÈÓã Çááå ÇáÑÍãä ÇáÑÍíã

In chapter 8 of his book "PUBLIC DUTIES IN ISLAAM - The Institution of the Hisba", Shaykh-ul-Islaam says:

"We find that people fall into three categories"



Those who live entirely by their own capricious whims, who are content only with what they receive and angry only at what they are denied, so that when any of them get what he craves - be it lawful or unlawful - his anger departs and gives way to satisfaction. The thing he was denied - so that he wanted it banned and made punishable, and was angrily critical of those who had it - now meets with his approval. he actively participates in it, supports it and opposes those who prohibit and reject it. this is a prevalent human tendency; we see and hear of innumerable instances. The reason for it is that man is very wrongful, very ignorant and therefore does not act fairly. You notice how some people critizie the governor for his injustice and hostility towards his subjects, but then he does something to please those critics and they turn into his supporters. The best thing for them would be not to voice their criticism. Similarly, you notice how they criticize those who drink wine, commit illicit sexual acts and listen to musical entertainments, until one of them is let in on the act, whereupon you see that he becomes a supporter of those he used to criticize. The latter may get worse as a result of their criticism, improve slightly or remain just the same.



Those who live according to sound religious principles, sincere in their devotion to Allaah and correct in their behaviour, patiently upright in the face of what they have to suffer. These are the people who truly believe and do good works. They belong to the best Community brought forth by mankind, commanding what is proper and forbidding the improper and having true faith in Allaah.



Those in whom both of the above co-exist. These constitute the majority of the believers. The will to obedience and the will to rebellion are both present in the hearts of those who have within them both religious faith and the lusts of the flesh. Sometimes the one, sometimes the other, has the upper hand.

And then, commenting on the second type mentioned above, the Shaykh (rahimahullaah) brought the Aayaat:

Al-Fajr (89):27-30
íóÇ ÃóíøóÊõåóÇ ÇáäøóÝúÓõ ÇáúãõØúãóÆöäøóÉõ ¤ ÇÑúÌöÚöí Åöáóì ÑóÈøößö ÑóÇÖöíóÉð ãøóÑúÖöíøóÉð ¤ ÝóÇÏúÎõáöí Ýöí ÚöÈóÇÏöí ¤ æóÇÏúÎõáöí ÌóäøóÊöí ¤
(It will be said to the pious): "O (you) the one in (complete) rest and satisfaction! "Come back to your Lord, Well-pleased (yourself) and well-pleasing unto Him! "Enter you, then, among My honoured slaves, "And enter you My Paradise!"

May Allaah Subhana wa ta'ala count ALL of us among this second type !!!

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The 3 Types of Men" mentioned by Ibn Taimiyyah (rahimahullaah)
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